Logan Ricky Davis

Software Engineer

About Me

I am a Fluent programmer and despite my University courses, I have learned most of what I know from experience in projects and online resources. I am a quick learner and focused worker who has to stay busy. I have experience managing people and excel at delegation and time management. I enjoy new challenges and branching out to new technologies.

I started my own company as the sole software and hardware engineer. To summarize the company, I develop, and my partner sells technology devices and services such as wireless RF call buttons and temperature sensors. We then provide a web app that allows for analysis and setup of email and texting notifications based on user preferences. As the sole technology provider, I have experience developing database schemas, restful APIs, microcontroller processes, multithreaded hub controller units, and front-end user experiences. I designed PCB schematics using Eagle CAD and worked with foreign manufacturers to acquire parts. I have also worked with external services such as SendGrid, Twilio, and Google Cloud to provide an all-encompassing service.

Programming Experience

Languages (can learn any) specifically worked with:
Javascript | Python | C++ | Java | C# | SQL | NOSQL

Familiar Technologies:
Google Cloud | Node.js | React Native | Corvid | jQuery

Applications Utilized:
Visual Studio Code | PyCharm | Visual Studio | Android Studio | Eclipse | Notepad++ | Wordpress

Skill Set

Skilled in: Programming, low power/resource software development, creating server-side APIs, management, training, system diagnoses, budgeting, delegation.


Bachelor's Degree


University of Arkansas

Computer Science

2016 - 2019



University of Arkansas

Information Systems

2019 - 2019

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Labor Saver Solutions

March 2019 - Present

As the co-founder I contributed to the company's very beginning in design, financing, and vision.Starting the company from a need, I created our products to be solutions to problems. As CTO I am responsible for all things tech. I design our PCB schematics, program our units and backend, build our databases, generate our user reports, and more.

Mechanic Manager

Lokomotion Family Fun Park

March 2016 - August 2019

I received on the job mechanical training and passed Honda TACS Technician Level courses. As the Mechanic Manager, I have been responsible for lowering monthly maintenance costs by half. I troubleshoot and repair multi-thousand dollar games and attractions and manage/train apprentice mechanics.
‚Äč www.Lokomotion.com